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Laser Dentistry

Concord Laser Dentistry Procedures by Dr. Robert Marshall - Aesthetic Dental Center

With gentle laser gum treatments in Concord, Dr. Marshall ensures that your upcoming periodontal appointment is comfortable and takes far less time than you imagine. Our laser dental services provide quality treatment and ensure patients feel confident about the way their smiles look and feel.

Laser Dentistry in Concord for Gentle Soft Tissue Care

Diode lasers are becoming some of the most widely used tools in dental offices for creating clean and healthy smiles. This technology is calibrated to a particular wavelength that is ideal for targeting soft tissue with precision, as the energy is absorbed only by the unique biological components in gums.

Before Concord Laser Dentistry Procedures  After Concord Laser Dentistry Procedures
                                          Additional Restorations Depicted

  Dr. Marshall utilizes laser dental treatment in the following procedures:

Deep Cleanings – When signs of periodontal disease appear, a root scaling or planing is typically the first recommended course of action. This service is intended to clean below the gum line and remove bacteria and debris that contribute to advanced stages of gum disease. While this can be accomplished with standard hand tools, lasers add a level of efficiency that simple dental picks cannot.

Diode lasers help to clean and sterilize gums, removing bacteria and ensuring tissue can properly recover from initial stages of infection.

Tissue Re-Shaping – Gums play into the overall appearance of your smile, but not everyone has perfectly balanced gum lines. Some patients may have different soft tissue height on front teeth or may have overall too much tissue present, so that teeth appear short.  Re-shaping the gum line creates balance between teeth and tissue for a more beautiful smile.

With a laser, Dr. Marshall can comfortably and efficiently remove excess tissue. Lasers provide faster healing and a more pleasant patient experience.

Is Laser Gum Treatment Worth It?

Gum disease compromises your oral health by contributing to bone loss and loose teeth. Seeking care for soft tissue is absolutely worth it, and incorporating lasers into your treatment only makes your appointment easier. Patients can benefit from lasers dentistry as it also encourages tissue health and reattachment.

Dr. Marshall sees great results by pairing your laser gum treatment with ultrasonic scaling, for truly thorough removal of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Patients of all ages, whether teens, adults or seniors benefit from this technology. If you have developed gum disease, laser treatment is a good fit for your health and wellness.

Ask Dr. Marshall about Dental Lasers at your Next Appointment!

If you have questions about whether you can benefit from this gentle approach to cosmetic and restorative gum treatment, contact our office today. We are happy to provide laser treatments to ensure patients’ comfort and lasting oral health.

About Dr. Marshall

Dr. Robert Marshall has been improving the lives of his clients since 1979. The advanced artistic and clinical skills required to provide natural looking smile enhancements are not taught in dental school. Dr. Marshall has attended extensive post graduate training and has himself taught at two of the leading programs in the world, the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum (PAC-Live) and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. His years of experience show in the beautiful natural-looking smile designs he has created.

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